Fresh Hope – 6th January 2018

Today as I woke up, I had my first major decision to make… do I stay in bed, or do I get up?
I weighed up the reasons…

Reasons for me to stay in bed:

1.  I was enjoying it…

2. The warmth and comfort were very suitable to me…

3. I understood it to be cold outside, I had already looked at the weather report and I didn’t like what I read…

4. I couldn’t smell bacon OR coffee, so was it really worth getting up?

5. No effort would be required.

Reasons for me to get up:

1. It was right the right thing to do

Sometimes in life, we are faced with a difficult decision, everything within us wants to choose option 1, yet we simply have to go with option 2 beacuse “we know it’s right”.

God gave each one of us a “knower”. An ability to know when something is what we should do and when it is right.
Even when the reasons stack up against it…like my comfort, the ease of staying where I am, the temperature, what if it’s not as good? They all may be good and valid but when you go with what you know to be right, God will always bless your decision.

Don’t let the reasons for the wrong decision, convince you.
Don’t even let them take space in your mind.
Sometimes, you have to be strong with yourself and not even let your thinking go there.

I won’t experience all that God has for me today if I stay in bed and you won’t experience all God has for you if you don’t make that move that you know you need to.

Nothing good ever came from a comfort zone. So get up and move!

Pastor Gillian

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