Fresh Hope – 13th January 2018

We were just called outside by our friend to look at the dark night sky and the beautiful stars. They seemed so big and were so bright (maybe it’s because I’m writing this Fresh Hope from Australia). “Wow”,we all said. We had never seen anything like it. They were so big and clear, I felt like I could touch them.
The southern skies , where air pollution is less and the sky is clearer? Whatever the reason, it was truly spectacular. I don’t see skies like that at home in England.

My eight year old grandson asked why she had noticed the stars and this was the answer “I went outside to bring in the laundry from the line and it was pitch black, so I looked up at the stars and took my light from there.”
Something so simple and yet so profound.

She needed light for a situation, so she got it from the stars. The wise men needed to find the King, they got direction from the stars.
As I stood outside in the pitch black of night I started to sing a song in my spirit… ‘and YOU who hold the stars, who called them each by name, will surely keep your promise to me and I will rise in your victory.’

I don’t know what you’re facing today.
Do you need light and revelation in a situation? Look up to the one who made the stars, He will help you.

Do you need direction and guidance? Look to the King of Kings, Jesus, you’ll find it there.

Or do you just like me, need assurance, that God is with you and He will never leave you? Get your eyes off your circumstances and onto the One who holds all the stars in place.

I pray you too will have a “wow” moment.

Pastor Gillian

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