Fresh Hope – 22nd January 2018

It was an amazing encounter with a Buddhist Doctor that came right out of the blue, 17 years ago. I had conducted the wedding for a couple and it was at the reception that I first shook hands with Dr Paul. Something drew me to befriend him, and two and half years later I led him in a prayer in my office, in which he became a follower of Jesus.

His life dramatically changed and he has been part of our church ever since.

Over the years, he has treated our eldest son like his own, and so it was no surprise to us that our son invited Dr.Paul and his wife to his wedding last week in Australia.

With nowhere to stay for the first few days in Adelaide, we asked if Dr. Paul would like to stay with us in a house that we had rented with our family in the lead up to our son’s wedding.

I was surprised when I got off the plane in Adelaide, to hear what I knew to be the voice of the Holy Spirit, that whispered to me that the reason we had Dr Paul staying with us was not by chance but because I would need him!

I brushed this notion off as jet lag and mulled over the fact that I rarely get ill.

Little did I realise that I was about to take a turn for the worse and two days before the wedding, I developed a chest infection. I got worse by the hour and every time I coughed I was in severe pain in my chest. I was hardly sleeping and was taking as many tablets and potions as I could to try and get me up on my feet again, but nothing worked.

When Dr. Paul arrived to stay with us I was already sick and with one day to go before the wedding, I couldn’t get out of bed.

God had arranged for my own personal Doctor to stay in the very next room to us and immediately he pulled out his stethoscope that he had decided to bring with him. On listening to my chest, he diagnosed that I needed antibiotics, and to my amazement he told me that he had the exact ones in his bag. I didn’t need to go anywhere to see a Doctor or to pay for tablets…God had got it all in hand.

Within an hour of taking the first antibiotics, I began to improve and by the very next morning of the wedding I was able to get up and go out for breakfast with my son.

By the time of the wedding service (that I had to conduct) later that day, I was completely well, and almost felt that I’d not been ill at all.

When you have a relationship with God in a personal way, he orders things for you, knowing that you will need them.

What if I hadn’t have had a Doctor right there to diagnose my condition?

What if I hadn’t have taken the antibiotics that I needed?

It’s likely that I would have missed my son’s wedding after travelling 12,000miles to be there!

The whole thing is testimony at how God knows knows all things and takes care of every minute detail of our lives if we will just allow Him to.

Don’t do life alone…open your heart today and allow him to become not only your saviour and your best friend, but also the one that takes care of your every need too.

Job 23:10 ‘But he knows the way that I take…’

Pastor Mark

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