Fresh Hope – 31st January 2018

Can you believe that just over a month ago we were celebrating Christmas… and now February is just around the corner?

We are now well and truly settling into the reality of another year and the likelihood is that we have now long since got over the initial attempt at making those New Years resolutions.

For most of us waking up today it’s ‘business as usual’.

How sad though, that with all the opportunities that God affords us, that the best we can do is to expect a repeat of the previous years’ experiences.

Today, in order to make the very most of the year that’s quickly unfolding, I encourage you to cut out the rush and make some time to rest and hear what God is saying to you for 2018.

With rest comes restoration, which is a refilling of your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual tank. Christ-followers should be experts at looking after their tanks.

I recently heard the analogy of eggs stuck on a pan being like that of spending time in the presence of God. Have you ever tried frying eggs and you didn’t quite get the temperature of the pan right, leaving burnt egg crustated on the bottom of the pan? Trying to get the egg off, you take the pan to the sink and scrub, and scrub and scrub…but the egg just doesn’t seem to come off! You then realise the only way this egg will be lifting off of the pan is if you let the pan SOAK in water for some time. The same is with us. We can be battling with all sorts in our personal life. We can try scrubbing and scrubbing and scrubbing in our own effort to deal with our crusty issues, but often what we need is simply to set aside time with God, just “soaking” in His presence until we feel those tough things lift!

Like a blank canvas ready for a fresh piece of art, cut the clutter, clear the crusty stuff of the year gone by, and get ready for a fresh word!

Pastor Mark

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