Fresh Hope – 5th February 2018

I often find that the answer that I need is right under my nose. Sometimes people who need help and advice cannot see their way through, even though to others it’s pretty clear.

The Bible is full of simple instruction. It’s clear and straight forward and yet we can fail to see it OR we choose not to like what we read, so we ignore it.

Everyone likes to think that they are right. I’m like that, I somehow like to think that I must be right all of the time, when in fact of course I’m not.

Yet God is right all of the time and the Bible is always right and will always give you the right way of living and the wisdom you need for any and every situation.

Take for instance being fruitful. We all want to be fruitful. We all want to be blessed and prosperous in different areas of our lives and yet we fail to see that to be fruitful, we have to be seedful.

A couple who want to be fruitful in their marriage and have children, need to have good seed in order to reproduce.

A good marriage will require you to be seedful and invest good time and love and energy and finance into that marriage, in order for it to be fruitful.

A farmer will need to sow good seed and be seedful, in order to be fruitful.

Do you get the picture? In order to be FRUITFUL you have to be SEED-FUL.

When it comes to finance and wanting to be blessed, remember the same principle. If I want to be fruitful, I have to be seedful.

God has given us all seed. It may be a lot or it may be a little…but you won’t see a harvest until you sow.
So get sowing today and your life will be fruitful.

It’s no good in your pocket, your wallet or your bank account.
The farmer’s seed wont reap a harvest until it’s in the ground and the same applies to you.

This truth is God’s instruction. Don’t presume that you know best, you don’t. His ways are higher and His instruction is correct.

If you want a blessed life, follow God’s ways and be fruitful be being seedful.

Pastor Gillian

A daily devotion for a better way of living.