Fresh Hope – 10th February 2018

Someone is most likely to rise to their destiny under the power of encouragement.
We all need daily encouragement.
“Thank you for that meal, it was great.”
“Thank you for the lovely welcome.”
“Thank you for your great teaching today.”
It’s not that hard is it?

Encouragement will always make us better…however, discouragement can take us down and even out.

Sometimes we have to fight discouragement.
We have to be on our guard against it.
We have to recognise it and not allow it into our lives.

In the book of Nehemiah in the Old Testament, Nehemiah was given the task to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. He had a lot of discouraging voices telling him to give up and stop what he was doing. He said to them that he wouldn’t come down and stop what he was doing.
He had to be strong against the discouragement.
Nehemiah 6 vs 2-3 “I am doing a good work, I will not come down.”

In the story of Moses leading the people into the promised land, 10 people’s discouraging report stopped 3 million people reaching their destiny. WOW! That’s the power of discouragement. Sad isn’t it? But it’s also very real.

Be careful who you listen to and be ready to be guarded against it. For the enemy will use discouragement to stop us from fulfilling our purpose and sometimes he will use people to do it.

Dare to stand up against that discouraging thought.
Watch out for discouraging and negative thought patterns.
Slap that discouragement right out of your life.

Sometimes you have to encourage yourself if encouragement is short.
When you spend time with God, He will encourage your spirit.

I pray today you will RECEIVE encouragement and that you too will GIVE encouragement.
For what you sow, you will reap.

Pastor Gillian

A daily devotion for a better way of living.