Fresh Hope – 24th February 2018

Prayer and Fasting Day 6

Daniel in the Old Testament teaches us a lot about prayer.
He set himself aside to pray and fast, he was a man of prayer.
We read that he prayed several times a day, even though it wasn’t easy for him to do so, as there was much opposition to anyone who wanted to communicate with God.

His life was truly disciplined and he stood out on many occasions because he was a man of faith and prayer and fasting.

Here are 3 things that happened because he prayed…

1. He stood out. Daniel 6 v 3 reads… “… but Daniel brimming with spirit and intelligence, completely outclassed the other vice-regents and governors, that the King put him entirely in charge of the Kingdom.”

When you make a sacrifice and choose to set yourself aside and make that commitment to prayer, you will be a STAND OUT.

2. He was protected. Daniel 6 vs 17-22 tells us how Daniel was thrown into a Lion’s den due to his faith YET he was totally, supernaturally protected by God. “…My God sent His angel who closed the mouths of the lions, so that they would not hurt me.”

Supernatural protection came his way. That story is told all over the world to this day – the truth is, God was his protection.

3. He was an influencer. Daniel 6 vs 25-28. King Darius issued a decree to every nation that Daniel’s God was to be worshipped and honoured. That God was the One to be worshipped because He had saved Daniel from the lions den. Vs 28 “…from then on, Daniel was treated very well during the reign of Darius.”

Prayer brings influence. You’ll be an influencer and things will change.

God will turn around situations because of your praying.

Keep going!

Champions focus prayer point – Sunday services and families.

Pastor Gillian

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