Fresh Hope – 1st March 2018

A mindset that you may be familiar with is the mindset that says, ‘a person has to earn my trust.’

Now whilst I understand why people may say this, I want to suggest today that we look to reverse this way of thinking.

I was listening recently to a founder of a large organisation speak on leadership.
He described how this kind of living can be counterproductive, as we can typically waste a considerable amount of time waiting for a person to earn our trust, while all along, they could have been bringing great benefit to our lives.

He then went on to describe how in his organisation, they think differently.

He and his staff have adopted a mindset which says, ‘trust is given, mistrust is earned’.

I wonder what would happen if we also chose to adopt this same mindset towards people…

Let’s allow a person the opportunity to show themselves trustworthy before we label them something they’re not.

Now of course, people will inevitably let you down, and you can’t always determine a person’s behaviour. However, you can determine your behaviour towards a person…

Do you want to be more effective relationally? Do you want to see the people in your world flourish? Do you desire to live consistently, despite not instantly knowing the consistency of others?

Choose trust first…
And watch as your trust towards others makes a way for you.

Caleb Burchell

A daily devotion for a better way of living.