Fresh Hope – 3rd March 2018

A spirit level can be found in most people’s tool boxes. Its use is to check whether or not something is level. E.g. if you hang a picture on the wall, or fix a kitchen cabinet, the spirit level shows whether or not the item is straight… how? By having the bubble in the middle.
If the item isn’t level, the bubble will be off-centre, showing you that you need to adjust.

Sometimes our lives can be off-centre, we can have circumstances and situations that may throw us off balance. We may sometimes feel that our lives ‘are all over the place’.

It’s important at those times to ‘keep our bubble in the middle’. We can still remain balanced even in a storm.

Jesus himself slept through one whilst the disciples were panicking. It’s a human reaction, yet God wants us to live balanced and keep our trust in Him.

Many people throughout the Bible lived lives that were challenged, yet remained steadfast throughout it all.

We don’t want our lives to be up down, up down and our emotions and attitude all over the place. That’s no good to us, or anyone else.

Psalm 51 v 10 says this, make it your prayer today,
“create in me a clean heart O God, and RENEW a steadfast spirit within me.”

If you feel that due to the turbulence of life and circumstances, your bubble has gone off-centre, make that your prayer today, that God will help you to be balanced again.

He’s looking for people who remain steadfast and balanced through every scene of life. Those are the people He can use and those are the ones who will remain blessed.

Pastor Gillian

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