Fresh Hope – 12th April 2018

In Luke 2:52, we see it mentioned that ‘Jesus GREW in wisdom and FAVOUR with God and man’. This means that favour is something you can grow in. Jesus was perfect, and he still had to grow in favour.

While the love of God is unconditional and limitless towards you as a person, favour in what you have must be stewarded well for you to receive more. While God loves everyone the same, scripture shows that there are different measures of favour on people. The degree of favour on our life, is directly linked to our ability to steward the favour already given to us. This may sound offensive to some, but let it instead challenge you to get better at managing what you already have been given.

So like Jesus, Samuel (1 Samuel 2:26), and Joseph (Genesis 39:4), how do we grow in favour with both God and people? The answer – everything you have in your hands right now, manage it well and watch it grow in the spiritual and the natural! Many people are frustrated that they have unfulfilled dreams and desires, but the question is, ‘what have you done with the favour God has already given you?’.

Do you want increased favour in your friendships? Then steward the ones you have now well (practically speaking, stewarding your relationships well may mean serving whoever is in front of you, cutting out gossip, proving yourself trustworthy, and being an encourager).

Want increased favour in your job? Then steward the job you have now well (this may mean being punctual, working hard, having integrity in the workplace).

Want to have more favour in your gifts and talents? Then steward whatever skill you have now (this may mean taking time to fan into flame your current abilities, humbling yourself, seeking ways to improve, eagerly serving others).

Want to grow in favour in your money? Then steward whatever is in your bank account now (this may mean committing to budgeting, being generous, surrendering your money to God).

Stop wanting the bigger and better and use what is in your hands now. If you are stuck in the same place you were a year ago, with no fruit, and ease, perhaps it is time to reconsider how you are stewarding the favour already given to you, before you can grow in more.

God’s love towards us is not determined by our works, but like any good parent who gives gifts, it is as He sees us using what we have been given well, that we then increase in favour and prove ourselves ready for the responsibility that more favour requires.

Emma Burchell

A daily devotion for a better way of living.