Fresh Hope – 21st April 2018

We’ve all heard the following …
“I want to make a difference.”
“ I want to be a history maker.”
“I want to be successful.”

The great news is this: we can be.
For all of us, we cannot exactly see the future. God tells us that His word is a lamp unto our feet (Psalm 119) and not a floodlight.
Which means, that very often (most often) we can only see the next step – that is how God designed it.
We may not be able to predict and see the future, but we can create it.

When you are fruitful, you will become productive.
When you are productive, you will become successful.
When you are successful, you can make a significant difference.
The question is then, how do I become fruitful?

By being faithful.

In Matthew chapter 25, a manager gives out talents to each of his employees (sums of money). One put it to work and doubled it, the other added to it and one buried it (because he was scared of losing it). The Master was very pleased with the faithful one, not so with the unproductive servant.

Whatever God has given you today, whether financially, your gifts, your words, your time, your talents…be faithful with them.
Use them wisely. When you do you will become fruitful and productive and successful and significant.

In Matthew chapter 21, we read about a fig tree that didn’t bear fruit. Jesus cursed the fig tree and it died!

Reading these two chapters from the Bible, reminds me that God wants me to be faithful with what I am supposed to be doing and with what I have.

Do you want to make a difference and be a history maker?
You can be. Just start by being faithful with the small that you have and just watch God bless it and multiply it.

Final thought. We are not meant to just be faithful; we are meant to be faithful AND fruitful. Ask the fig tree.
It had been faithfully there, for probably many years, but it wasn’t doing what it was meant to do. Produce figs.


Pastor Gillian

A daily devotion for a better way of living.