Fresh Hope – 16th June 2018

God wants us to believe His word, He wants us to take His promises and believe them.

Surely = I am certain of… without fail…with confidence.

Psalm 66 v 19 – “But God has surely listened and heard my prayer.”

Ask any man, there is a difference between listening and hearing!

Listen = to make an effort to hear                                                                 

Heard = to listen AND to consider. To attend to and to participate in.

God will not only listen to my prayer, He will consider it AND participate in it. WOW.

Psalm 5 v 12 “For surely O Lord, You bless the righteous. You surround them with Your favour, as with a shield”

If I am right with God, He SURELY wants to bless me.

When I get up in a morning, I know that God is not only listening to and hearing my prayers, but He also wants to bless me and give me great favour throughout my day.

Favour = to bestow privileges and give favourable regard to.

To promote me over another and to consider the favourite.

Psalm 91 v 3 “ surely, He wants to save you from the fowlers snare”  (He protects us every day from hidden traps and shields us from deadly hazards).

We don’t always realise what God is protecting us from each day, because we may not even encounter it. His protection goes with us and His arms are around me EVERY day.  It’s a surely.

Today, rest in those 3 promises.

He hears my prayer

He wants to bless me

He’s watching over me

Stop and give thanks, for they are ‘SURELYs’

Pastor Gillian

A daily devotion for a better way of living.