Fresh Hope – 19th June 2018

One thing that each of us has in common is that we all have struggles. We all face things that frustrate and irritate us, things that produce pain in our lives. However, I wonder what would happen if we began to see our struggles differently…

Paul, an influential individual in the Bible talks about how he was given a thorn in his flesh to keep him from thinking too highly of himself.

It’s interesting to me the language that Paul uses here. He says, ‘I was given a thorn in my flesh’, as if to suggest that this was some sort of gift.

He then goes on to tell us how this thorn was a messenger of Satan, sent to torment him.

The word ‘torment’ is of course a word we don’t like. Understandably so, it’s a word associated with some pretty horrific acts. However, if you reverse the syllables, you come out with a completely different word… mentor.

Maybe Paul was trying to show us that his thorn actually served as his teacher. That it was gifted to him in order to keep him humble, keep him grounded, and remind him of his need for others.

What have you labelled a demon in your life? Maybe that same very thing you need to start calling a gift.

I know it may not look like a gift, it may not feel like a gift, but not everything has to feel good to be good.

I can assure you of this, the moment you start being thankful in all things, is the moment you stop spending your time wishing that certain situations would go away, and instead you welcome them, knowing, ‘maybe there’s a lesson to be learned here today’.

Caleb Burchell

A daily devotion for a better way of living.