Fresh Hope – 5th July 2018

A couple of years ago, I decided to take my now husband for an interesting dining experience in the heart of London. We went to a restaurant that I had seen in a movie. It was a ‘blind restaurant’. The entire meal was set to be in pitch-black darkness. All the staff serving at the restaurant were blind. Upon arrival, we were asked to put our hand on a blind man’s shoulder (the waiter) and then be led into the dining room. At first you almost feel claustrophobic. You feel out of control. But then your other senses begin to heighten, and you adapt to the darkness. Because you couldn’t see, you began forming a picture in your mind of what the room looks like. From what I was hearing and smelling and feeling, I imagined the room to be large and full of fellow diners. I felt textures of wood and assumed it was quite a plush room, decorated with careful thought and luxurious materials. The food smelt delicious and full of flavour. We were left guessing what delicious food we had been served and the only way to feel it on our plate and get it on our mouth was to surrender the knife and fork and succumb to using our bare heads to eat the mystery meat.

Then suddenly, the lights of the room burst on. This wasn’t supposed to be part of the experience. Someone had accidently hit the emergency button. All the guests looked around at each other. The blind staff continued to navigate their way around the room. As my eyes adjusted and I found my bearings in the room, I couldn’t believe how different the room I was in, was compared to the picture I had formulated in my head. It wasn’t a large room. There weren’t many guests like I had envisioned. The decorating certainly wasn’t luxurious, and the food tasted far better than it looked. The room was office like – stark, with no effort put into aesthetics. Tables were grouped together like a classroom seating arrangement. The experience truly proved the power of sight.

Have you ever had a ‘light on’ experience in your own life? Not the kind where you are eating at a restaurant in the dark, but the kind where you don’t understand something, but then God sheds light on it, and you have a whole new perspective. The Bible calls this ‘revelation’. Revelation is ‘an uncovering, a bringing to light of that which had been previously wholly hidden or only obscurely seen’. The purpose of scripture is to bring revelation about who we are and who God is. That is why the Bible is referred to as being a ‘light’….Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path’ (Psalm 119:105).

When we try to find our way through life without the Bible/word of God, we are trying to find our way through life in the dark. We form ideas in our minds that aren’t actually truth. It is only as the word of God ‘turns the light on’ that we see things for what they are, not for what we perceive them to be.

Many of us are sitting in the dark with ideas about ourselves, about others, and about God. We have adapted to the darkness, but it doesn’t mean it is truth. The light needs to be turned on – so we can see things for what they are. As we read the word of God, we can recognise the lies or the untruths that we can so easily sit in. Clarity is brought to our lives like a burst of light.

In turn, we as people are called to be a light to the world. We ourselves are called to ‘turn the light on’ for others – to open their eyes. We are called to be the light in the dark, so that they can see truth, and not capitulate to the darkness as their standard of ‘normal’.

Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven’ (Matthew 5:14-16).

You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden’ (Matthew 5:14)

Let the light of God’s word navigate you through life, and shed light on the lies. In turn, you will be a light to the world.

Emma Burchell

A daily devotion for a better way of living.