Fresh Hope – 21st July 2018

Worry is worthless…

The Bible says in Luke 12 v 25 “who can add a single hour to his life by worrying?”

You won’t add hours to your life by worrying, but you can lose many of them.

Worrying will take our peace, it will take our joy and it will take our sense of well being. Worrying can lead to anxiety, illness and depression.

Let’s face it, there could always be something to be concerned over. We wouldn’t have to look very far to find something.

Yet we take it all on board ourselves. We think it’s something we have to work out.

We try to ‘captain’ our own ship, fight our own battles.

We worry about tomorrow and most of the time what we worry about, doesn’t happen anyway. 

If you are a Christian, then God is your Father and if you aren’t, He wants to be.

He tells me that the birds of the air don’t worry about their food and the flowers of the field don’t worry about their clothes , so why should I be concerned about life’s matters?

I was talking to someone this week who may be made redundant from their job…even though that’s concerning, why do we need to worry? If God is my Father, which He is, then His plan is perfect for my life. He has the best in store for me and if I lose my job, it means there’s something out there that is far better for me.  So it’s called TRUST, not worry.

TRUST says “God’s got this, I don’t need to even concern myself with it.”

Oh yes, I should pray, but leave it with God is what I should do.

Worry robs us of now, of this moment, of my joy and of my peace.

Worry can send us into a state of despair and can lead to anxiety and illness.

That’s not what God wants for me.  He’s my Father, I’m His child. He can and WILL work out everything perfectly.

Remember today that worry is worthless.

Trust is where I need to be.

God is MY Father.

Pastor Gillian

A daily devotion for a better way of living.