Fresh Hope – 25th July 2018

How lovely it is when you receive an invitation to a party?

When you receive that invitation you feel special knowing that someone thought of you, and values you enough to request your presence at their event!

Like someone would invite us to a birthday party or wedding, desiring our presence there, so should we be inviting God into our lives, desiring His presence there. Sometimes we can think giving God an invitation into our lives is a once in a lifetime occasion. “I invited Him in 20 years ago, I don’t need to do it again!’ But inviting God into our lives is about inviting Him into every area, every day. You wouldn’t say to my best friend, “you aren’t invited to my birthday party this year, because I invited you last year”. When we have a relationship with God, we should be ever inviting His presence into our lives.

When you are inviting in the presence of God into the details of your life, you are inviting His peace, wisdom, protection, favour, and love into that area too. Proverbs 16:3 says, ‘Commit to the Lord WHATEVER you do, and your plans will succeed’. Want success in your finances? Then invite God into them! Want success in your marriage? Then invite God into it! Want success in your friendships? Then invite God into them! Want success in your home? Then invite in the presence of God! As scripture says, it applies to WHATEVER plans and any and every area of your life – big or small. Invite God in.

Finally, God shouldn’t be just a guest in the area of our lives that we have invited Him in to, He is to be acknowledged as the ‘Guest of Honour – the most important member of the occasion. When a Guest of Honour attends an event, they are given the highest treatment and respect. They are given the very best and esteemed above all else. Let us both invite God into every area of our lives, and also honour His presence in that area.

Consider what areas of your life you need to send an invitation to God to, and honour Him in. Maybe it is this very day? Maybe it is your job? Maybe it is a physical space like a home? Or perhaps an emotional space like your heart? God is a gentleman, He will never gatecrash your party. He waits for you to send the invitation. And when you do, you’ll find He’s been waiting on your doorstep the whole time, waiting for you to let Him in!

Emma Burchell

A daily devotion for a better way of living.