Fresh Hope – 28th July 2018

Prayer should never be difficult. It should be natural, our first port of call, not our last.

How many times do we worry first and then pray?

This very week I was ‘mithered’ about a situation.  I mulled it over for at least an hour.  When my husband returned home, he could see I was troubled. He suggested we should pray together, which we did.  Immediately, I felt peace.

Two things spoke loudly to me..
1. There is power in agreement.  When two people come together and pray.  It shall be done.  (See Matthew 18 vs 19)

2. Why did I wait all that time being troubled, when I could have committed it to God myself?

Here’s 4 things that prayer should be:

Simple prayers, yet informed prayers.
Dont pray about things that aren’t God’s will.   Like “should I rob a bank?”
Instead, find out what God’s will is and pray about that.

Don’t just ask God to bless the world. How will you know if He does?  Pray specifically.
Don’t just ask for a husband or a wife…pray specifically.  Ask God for your heart’s desires.
Don’t just ask for finance.  How much do you need? £200 for the gas bill? Be specific in your praying.

Pray heartfelt prayers.   Be honest with God.  He knows whether you are anyway.  He knows your heart and He knows what you want and what you need.  Be sincere.

Keep praying until something happens. Get serious.  Don’t give up.

God wants to answer prayer.
He delights in answering prayer.

Pastor Gillian

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