Fresh Hope – 2nd August 2018

Today was one of those days. You know the kind – the day started with a message from the neighbour living below us letting us know that I had flooded our toilet last night, and she had water seeping through her roof, I got lost on the way to a friend’s house, forgot my lunch, was still thinking about my unwell grandmother, nearly had a car accident, skipped gym, and killed a bird. I was left feeling rather stressed after a not-to-smooth and expensive start to my day, but it wasn’t all bad.

There were actually so many good things in what I could easily label ‘a bad day’. I spent time with two friends, FaceTimed another, came home and cooked food, and spent time in nature. It can be so easy to focus on everything going wrong in our lives, rather than focusing on the good.

Like any given day, both the good and the bad are inevitable in our lives. With all that is out of our control, what we can control is where we fix our focus. I could easily focus on the negatives, or I could actively choose to appreciate the positives in my day/life.

So what do I do with the all the bad stuff then? Ignore it? NO! Acknowledge it all and then give to God. This isn’t just positive thinking, this is biblical truth!  

Philippians 4:6 says, ‘Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer with thanksgiving let your requests be known to God’.

Key word in this scripture is – ANYTHING! In other words, there is NOTHING worth getting anxious about! God could have said, “there are some things worth worrying about” or “most things aren’t worth worrying about” or “be anxious about the important things”, but He said, “be anxious for nothing!” Why? Because there is no thing bigger than God and anything that is causing us anxiety should be given to God in prayer for Him to handle.

In our house, I generally do the cooking, and I’m a messy cook at that, and then my husband does the clean up after. It’s the best feeling when we finish dinner and I know that he is cleaning up (which he actually enjoys by the way! Win!). I’m free from the worry of washing up! In fact, as I’m writing this, he is in the kitchen dealing with my mess! He just said to me, “okay, stay out of the kitchen now please so I can clean up properly!” When we find ourselves in a mess, we present it to God, and then let it go, walk away, and let Him deal with it. Our anxiety is no longer necessary because it is no longer our job to deal with that which is troubling us! God is saying to you today, “stay out of the problem and leave it with me!”

Emma Burchell

A daily devotion for a better way of living.