Fresh Hope – 10th August 2018

This weekend, I went with some friends to the English-countryside town of Ludlow. Ludlow has a strong farming and food culture and quality produce is celebrated. As my friends and I walked around the local supermarket, we learnt pretty quickly that this wasn’t your standard Tesco or Aldi. The fruit and vegetables were big and brightly coloured. As we ate the produce we purchased, we noted the fuller flavours of quality, organic products, but we paid no thought to how the farmer would have spent serious amounts of time and effort cultivating the produce we were now enjoying. The watering, the positioning, the timing – had all been carefully considered. Cultivation takes time! Cultivation means to ‘improve growth by labour and attention’.  

Many of us are desperate to taste good quality fruit in our lives. We want growth and harvest, but without the time and patience required in the cultivation process. Does a farmer give up when the seed he sowed last week isn’t producing a fruit the following week? Of course not! He understands that growth and ultimately fruit, takes careful cultivation and the creation of atmospheres in order to grow.

What seeds have been sown into your life that need some tending to? What things do you need to give some attention and energy to? What things do you need to wait patiently for?

James 5:7 says, ‘…See how the farmer waits for the precious fruit of the earth, being patient about it, until it receives the early and the late rains’.

Like a good farmer cultivates and waits in expectation of reward, so we also should cultivate and wait for fruit in our lives. As a farmer keeps working despite varying circumstances like rainfall, so we must also continue to cultivate seeds in our life despite life’s circumstances. Like the value of the harvest encourages the farmer to keep on going, so we should continue with our eyes on the prize and continue to tend to our seed. Like a gardener knows how the seasons work, so should we understand the seasons of life and ensure that we continue to cultivate the garden of our lives in and out of season.

Ask the Holy Spirit today to give you the patience to cultivate whatever seed you have sown.

Emma Burchell

A daily devotion for a better way of living.