Fresh Hope – 15th August 2018

I love how God is interested in EVERY little detail of our lives. I have been a Christian for many years and the verse of scripture that says “seek first the Kingdom of God and ALL these things will be added unto you” – (Matthew 6 v 33) always stands true.

What are ‘all these things’?  They are our desires, our needs, our wants, our dreams, even our small concerns God has covered.

The more I follow Jesus, the more I see that God has everything we need at hand. We don’t have to ever concern ourselves with need; if I put God first, and bring to God what is rightfully His, He has everything covered.

Tonight I spent time with four lovely friends.  We talked about the goodness of God. We each shared testimony of the great things that God is doing. The theme of all those testimonies was that we don’t have to ever concern ourselves as to how God will answer our prayers, we just need to trust that He will.

In the midst of all the awesome testimonies, I somehow shared about how our dogs toys kept getting stolen by foxes. I joked about how it had ‘mithered’ me and that I kept buying new ones and every day they would get stolen.

I hadn’t been home five minutes, when a knock came to our door and there stood a young girl, a new neighbour, and in her hand a plastic bag with two of our dogs toys in that had been deposited in their garden by the robbing foxes.
You see God is interested in EVERY part of your life.  Things that may seem stupid to someone else, but very real to you, God is interested in.
He has every one of our needs covered.

He is an awesome God. You can trust Him with anything.

Seek Him first. He will never let you down.

Pastor Gillian

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