Fresh Hope – 27th October 2018

Persistence, Perseverance and Patience are three words that most people don’t like.

We do however, like the words Instant, Immediately and Now.

If you’ve been around for any length of time, you’ll know that you need to start liking that first set of words a little more in order to go anywhere in life.

“Success comes to those who wait” is a phrase that many people will have heard of and yet the reality is that we don’t actually like to.

Let’s look at those first three words. Persistence, perseverance and patience.

Be persistent in prayer and you will receive.
Jesus taught us that.
In the story of the man who went to get bread from his friend at midnight. We are taught “He won’t give you the bread because you’re his friend, but he will give it you because you persist”. ( see Luke 11) Don’t give up for what you are believing for, keep persisting.

The dictionary says that perseverance is “persistence in doing something, despite difficulty or delay in achieving success”
Keep going. however difficult it seems. Sometimes results are slow. But you will get results.
Don’t give up when the going gets tough. Keep going. Galatians 6 v 9 says “don’t become weary in doing good, for at the proper time you will receive your harvest, if you don’t give up”. Persevere.

Patience is a wonderful thing (which I’ve never had much of).
To wait until the right time, to wait for God’s time…That’s the best time.
Waiting can be frustrating. Be patient. James 5 v 8 says
“You also must be patient. Keep your hopes high, for the day of the Lord’s coming is near”

If you want something instantly, now or immediately (like instant coffee or a microwave dinner) you will be settling for something that is second best or a poor copy of the real thing.

Go after what is GREAT, not average.
Go after what will LAST, not what is temporary.
Go after that which will SATISFY, not which will give a temporary fix.

Start to see those words as your friend, not as your enemy.

Be persistent, patient and persevere.
Good things come to those who wait.

Pastor Gillian

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