Fresh Hope – 10th November 2018

Recently, I heard a story of a young boy who was asked to write down his dream by his school teacher. He said that one day he wanted to own a huge ranch and keep lots of horses. His teacher marked his work and gave him an ‘F’, telling him he was stupid and that his dream was unreachable. The boy was not deterred by his teacher – his reply was, “you keep your F and I’ll keep my dream!”

Many years later, that young boy’s dream came true and the teacher met him one day and apologised. She also said that she had regrettably squashed and ridiculed many young people’s dreams and she was thrilled that he had taken no notice of her.

Many times in your life, people will tell you that your dream will never be a reality. Maybe it won’t, however, if it’s a God-given dream inside of you, don’t let it go…it can surely come to pass.
Take Joseph for instance, his brothers ridiculed his dream and almost killed him because of his dream, yet Joseph kept that dream in his heart and it came to pass.

The more you focus on the dream doubters, the more unlikely your dream will seem, however, the more you focus on the dream giver, the more likely you will realise your dream.

Joseph was a prisoner at one stage in his life due to an injustice, however, one page later, he was living in the palace!

God can take your dream and make it into a reality.

Today, if you don’t have a dream, ask God for one and if you already have one, go for it with all your heart.

Pastor Gillian

A daily devotion for a better way of living.