Fresh Hope – 1st December 2018

I have some battery operated candles. They stand together in a group, they both need two batteries each, which is a lot of batteries. However, I love to put them on when it’s a dark dreary evening…
A burst of light in a dark place is always a great thing.

As I started my Christmas decorations this week, I noticed that some of the candles needed their batteries replacing. However, when I stood them all together, the light from the others was strong enough to shine through those that weren’t and it was hard to tell that some weren’t working on their own.

That’s like me and you…sometimes we can run low on our own , sometimes we even feel our ‘batteries are empty’ …yet when we are with the right people, good friends who will help us, even when ‘our batteries need replacing’ we can somehow get through those times because of their light.
This is a reminder of who we are standing with in those times.

When I replaced the batteries and put new ones in, I was amazed at how dull they had become. It’s easy at this time of year, as things get busy, to run out and get dull.  Keep connected to the ONE who is the LIGHT OF THE WORLD and in any and every season, you will always shine bright.

And remember, if you’re feeling like a recharge is needed, get into His presence and all will be well.

Pastor Gillian

A daily devotion for a better way of living.