Fresh Hope – 6th December 2018

We’ve all heard of our mate Moses. Before birth, God’s hand was obviously upon him. The way the Lord orchestrated his life and protected him, was a sure sign of things to come – the call of God on him to deliver Israel. Despite the great call on his life, Moses faced very real emotions of feeling way out of his depth. Moses was scared, and very aware of his own weaknesses. So he called out to God for help. How was he to lead Israel out of bondage and into freedom? God replies back to Moses with a question, ‘What is in your hand?’ (Exodus 4:2). God suddenly shifts Moses’ focus away from the future and causes him to look at what is right in front of him – a rod. An old, wooden rod. Not a fancy, royal scepter (which he would have had before as he grew up in the palace). God wanted Moses to fix his focus on the very ordinary tool in his hands.

This tells us a lot about how God uses people:

God uses our ordinary experiences and resources. Moses would have used that rod for years to tend to sheep… YET it would be the same rod that would eventually part the Red Sea. It would strike a rock and see water pour forth. It would be the same rod to be raised over a battle won. It would be called ‘the rod of God’ (Exodus 4:20).

God will use the most mundane and ordinary circumstances, experiences and people in your life to bring forth victory for His glory. Don’t overlook the ordinary.

God likes to use whatever is in our hands. God used what was in David’s hand (1 Samuel 17:49). He used the jawbone of a donkey in Samson’s hand (Judges 15:15), and he used five loaves and two fish in the hand of a little boy (John 6:9). Rather than fixating on all things glorious and shiny. Rather than having anxiety about the future. Rather than worrying how you, flaws and all, could possibly bring anyone else into freedom, look at what is in your hands right now. Moses called out in distress, overwhelmed by the responsibility of delivering people, and God told Him to use whatever was in his hand. Moses knew how to use a rod. He had experience in that – so that is what God used.

There is a part of everyone that wants more in at least one area of their life. More finances, more opportunities, more relationships, more breakthroughs, more freedom, more confidence, more testimonies, more ideas…We could go on and on…. But if we are honest, are we using whatever small, mundane, and ordinary thing, is in our hands today? Let’s not miss the extraordinary in the ordinary, because we are expecting the extraordinary to come in a different package. God is asking us the same question he asked Moses, ‘What is in your hand?’.  

Emma Burchell

A daily devotion for a better way of living.