Fresh Hope – 15th December 2018

I’m not sure if you like winter… it will be officially here in just a few days. Some of us love it and some of us probably can’t wait for it to quickly pass.
We associate winter with cold, nothing much happening, dark times and even barrenness.

However, as God so designed the winter natural season, He also allows us to go through our own ‘winter’ season at times.

Here are a few good things about winter:

Winter kills off bugs.
Summer can be a time where we may get lazy and complacent. Those times can be dangerous. Bugs can fester in summer. They can feast on you!
Winter kills them off and causes you to sharpen up.

Winter shows who is staying and who is going.
Just like plants. Perennials and annuals …one will come back and one won’t. Winter is a good time for finding out who will stick with you.

Winter makes you dress appropriately.
We certainly dress up in winter. We need appropriate clothing. In a ‘winter’ season, make sure you are dressed in the armour of God and put on garments of praise.
They’ll not only see you through the winter, they’ll help you to grow in the winter too.

Winter makes you appreciate the summer.
Oh yes… God designed seasons to compliment each other and to flow one to another. When you’re in a winter, you’ll appreciate the long awaited summer a lot more.
When you finish with winter, you’ll learn to appreciate the next season more than you thought you would.

Enjoy winter. See it as a time that God wants to do something new in you.
You won’t see the daffodils until the spring, but there was a lot of important stuff going on underground during the winter.

Let that be the same with you.

Pastor Gillian

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