Fresh Hope – 24th December 2018

Every Christmas we put out a novelty mat in our porch. It reads ‘SANTA PLEASE STOP HERE’.

When our Grandson’s were a little younger, they came to visit just before Christmas and the  youngest wanted to know what the door mat said.

Gillian read it to him and after a few seconds, he turned to us and said, ‘why would you keep Santa standing outside the front door?’  He’d misinterpreted the message.

Now, we all know the story of Mary and Joseph being unable to find accommodation for the birth of Jesus. The inn keeper gave them an abrupt answer; ‘No room’.

As the door of this Christmas Day  swings open tomorrow, its lasting success will be hinged on just one question: where will you put Jesus?

Will it be like our Grandson’s misinterpretation of the door mat… ‘JESUS STOP HERE?’

Will the invisible sign hanging on the outside of your heart be the same sign that hung 2000 years ago on the door of the Inn…NO ROOM ?

As much as the inn keeper always gets the bad press, at least he opened up what he had available to them, albeit a stable.

Today, make room for Jesus. Don’t leave Him standing outside of your heart for even one more day.

Ask Him to come and step inside and make His home in your heart.

Happy CHRISTmas!

Pastor Mark

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