Fresh Hope – 19th January 2019

God wants to greatly bless you.  He doesn’t just want to bless, He wants to greatly bless.

When you read Genesis, you hear how He promised Abraham that He would GREATLY bless him. (God wants that for all His children).

He told him He would make his name great and all his descendants would be thoroughly blessed also.  See Genesis 12 v 2 and Genesis 22 v 17.

The problem was, when God made the promise, Abraham had no children. He and his wife were past child-bearing age.

Yet, when God promises something, it will always come to pass.

The important thing here is to keep HOPE alive in your heart.

There was 20 years between the promise and the fulfilment (the birth of his son Isaac)… some of us give up hoping after two weeks of waiting.

We must not give up!  What God promises, He will always fulfil.

When Hope is gone, you may as well give up. Because Hope brings life.

You have to see something, before you see it…even Walt Disney believed that.

I love this verse in Romans 4 v 18.

Against all hope, Abraham in hope believed and so became the father of many nations, just as it had been said to him.

Against all hope – there was no physical sign. It seemed impossible. Does that sound familiar to you today?

Abraham in hope believed  – I love this, (against all hope) in hope he believed. Wow. That’s faith right there.  He still believed, even though there was no sign.

Watch this…

And so became the Father  of many nations  – I love it, because he believed against all hope, he received!

It’s as simple as that… today – believe. Have hope.

Don’t let doubt and fear crowd your thinking.

Then you will be able to see the promises of God fulfilled In your life. Just like Abraham.


Pastor Gillian

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