Fresh Hope – 21st January 2019

I love travelling by plane, as in a relatively short space of time, you can go from a cold, gloomy place to a beautiful, sun-kissed destination. One thing I’ve always found as an inconvenient delay to starting the journey are the safety announcements that in the event of something going wrong, oxygen masks will drop from the panel above my head. Thankfully, I’ve never experienced it. Although the plane could have been flying through a hot desert, over the freezing cold alps, or a tropical thunderstorm, the atmosphere inside the plane has always been controlled and maintained at a comfortable level.

Just like the airplane, our lives, relationships, jobs and finances go through many seasons and storms. The temperature and pressures around us are always changing and have the power to disturb our hearts and minds, and we can very quickly lose control and end up feeling overwhelmed and practically unable to breathe.

In Mark 1 vs 32-39, Jesus had been healing people overnight and early the next morning, his disciples went looking for Him as there was a crowd that had come for healing as well. Jesus surprisingly decides to go to a different place leaving the crowds that had come to see Him. What moved Him weren’t the miracles He had performed the previous day, but the faith of the people in a different town who had not seen Him yet who were expectant for a miracle in their lives. Faith today moves Jesus, not what He did yesterday.

If you find yourself being knocked by the storms outside, take a deep breath and keep that consistent atmosphere of faith, expectation and thanksgiving. That is the invitation for Jesus to perform a miracle. Guard your heart and mind, and when things come back down to earth as Jeremiah says in Chapter 29 vs 11, you’ll find Jesus has flown you to a better place than where you started.

Noble Mudenha

A daily devotion for a better way of living.