Fresh Hope – 20th February 2019

Discontentment is perhaps one of the most damaging attitudes that a Christian heart can possess. Actually, I should clarify… the WRONG kind of discontentment is one of the most damaging attitudes. Yes, lack of satisfaction with your present life can push you to achieve more in God, do more for Godhunger for more in God, but that is not the kind of discontentment I’m talking about. I’m talking about the kind of discontentment that makes you feel like your life isn’t enough, that what you wear, drive, and do isn’t enough. That your friends and spouse aren’t enough, that your job isn’t enough. That YOU aren’t enough.

The Devil loves to play on a discontented heart. He is an expert at pointing out what you lack, clouding you from what you DO actually have. He works hard to keep us from a heart of gratitude and peace. A discontented heart = a disgruntled, and restless heart toward God, ourselves, and others.

Yes, we are supposed to have a deep longing for something beyond earth. We are wired to long for eternity, our true home (Hebrews 11:13-16), so we know nothing on earth will truly satisfy.

But if you are struggling with discontentment, consider the root of the frustration? Is your lack of satisfaction centred around your needs, or is it a lack of contentment rooted in desiring more in Christ?

Self-focused discontentment is essentially a mistrusting of God. It says that God is not doing his job of being a provider. It leads to jealousy. It suggests that God has or is making a mistake. It implies that your wisdom is higher than God’s. A discontented heart was what precisely drove Eve to first sin.

God calls us to learn to rest in his loving, all-knowing ways. He should be our highest joy (Psalm 4:7). If everything was taken away, Jesus could never be taken from us, and thus at the deepest level of our heart, true contentment can never be taken from us.

Emma Burchell

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