Fresh Hope – 22nd February 2019

What comes to mind when you think of Disney? Maybe like me you think of a ‘grand’ organisation with a global influence. Maybe your mind goes to their movies (bring on Toy Story 4!) or their stores found in shopping centres around the world. Whatever comes to mind, I’m sure we can all agree that Disney is truly a phenomenon.

I recently found out through a conversation with someone that in Disney’s theme parks, they have what are known as ‘hidden secrets.’ These are different features placed across each park that the majority of people would never notice unless they knew to look for them.

Now some may wonder why Disney would go to such lengths to create aspects within their parks that most people will never even get to appreciate…

Some would call it unnecessary, others would call it passion.

The ‘hidden secrets’ found within Disney’s theme parks to me, speak to the care of the creator. That they would get such a thrill out of putting their time and energy and resource into things that many will never get to enjoy, but they will.

Now what may have surprised you about Disney may also surprise you about God. That despite being ‘so big,’ He is still interested in the smallest of details, even those that are unseen.

There’s a crazy verse in the Bible that tells us how God knows the amount of hairs on our head…

Some would say that’s totally unnecessary. I would say that’s totally passionate. That the creator of the universe and everyone in it would take the time to know things about us that we don’t even know about ourselves.

This right here speaks to the care of the Creator. Not only does God know you, He knows everything about you.

Maybe today you need to continue to see God as someone who is almighty and powerful, but you also need to see Him as someone who is close, as someone who is intimately involved in your life.

Today, you and I can walk in confidence knowing that every step we take, every success we experience and every setback we come up against is known by God.

Allow that to bring peace to your soul.

Caleb Burchell

A daily devotion for a better way of living.