Fresh Hope – 7th March 2019

Don’t go backwards!

If you’ve joined us on our ten day corporate fast then you will know what it feels like to wake today and be looking forward with excitement to eating again.

Some of you will be happy with the amount of weight that you have lost! Others will be amazed at how your taste buds have been sensitised once again, whilst some will be dancing for joy at the answers to prayer and even more at the changes you have seen in your own life over these past ten days.

It is so easy right now to dip straight back into living the way you did before, and within a day or two to lose that sense of peace and of God’s presence that you have felt and known during this time.

Make a decision today to not go back to the old way of bingeing on everything you see and smell. Set yourself some positive boundaries so that you don’t just ‘pig out’ again at every opportunity. You’ll not only look and feel better, you’ll also see much clearer. Remember…dieting changes the way you look but fasting changes the way that you see.

Don’t just have an attitude today that says…’I’m so glad we’ve got that fast out of the way for another year’, but see it as part of your future weekly lifestyle. Even the whole world has eventually caught up with the Bible in telling us that a weekly fast is good for you in so many ways.

Whatever you do today, make an agreement with yourself never to go back to the same old way of living again.

Here’s a thought for today as we move forward…

Jesus didn’t fast for things. Jesus didn’t fast to get His prayers answered. Jesus didn’t fast in order to get a breakthrough that was causing him concern. No, Jesus fasted in order to maintain a lifestyle of READINESS. Fasting positions you for whatever may be coming your way this week.

If you feel like nothing has happened to you, with or through in this last ten days, you are mistaken. Fasting and prayer have positioned you for a greater level of faith and your reward will come.

Be blessed as you eat and celebrate all that God has in store for you.

Pastor Mark
A daily devotion for a better way of living.