Fresh Hope – 16th March 2019

What are you wearing today?  Heaviness by any chance?

Heaviness can often start out as a little care or concern. What begins as a small burden can grow and grow. You can start taking on burdens that aren’t even yours, you start thinking about issues that shouldn’t be issues, or you start worrying about things in the future. Some of those things we worry about, will never actually come to anything.

All of this piled up can become very heavy on your heart and mind. It’s like as if we are putting on layers and layers of heavy clothing. The more you worry and feel down, the more layers you are piling on.
The Bible says that heaviness is actually a spirit.
The goal of heaviness is to distract you and get you off track and to even render you useless.
Heaviness tries to keep your head down so that you can’t even look up to the Heavens—the place where your help comes from.
Heaviness tries to wear you out and take the place of God’s spirit, it robs you of peace and joy…but do you know what chases that spirit of heaviness away? Praise and thanksgiving.
The Bible says that God inhabits the praises of His people. He literally comes into our praise and works there.

When you start praising, God shows up in your midst and every negative spirit has to flee!
If you have heaviness on you today, if you feel trapped, overwhelmed, discouraged, frustrated or anxious, there is only one thing you need to do, and that is to open your mouth and praise Almighty God! Even if it’s difficult, even if you don’t feel like it, just open your mouth and begin to declare His goodness.
Sometimes we have to stir ourselves up in the things of God. Sometimes we have to get our flesh to obey the Word of God, sometimes we have to take hold of ourselves and tell ourselves to worship, in order to see the breakthrough in the supernatural realm.
If the enemy can stop you praising, he will.
Isaiah 61 vs 3 tells us for a spirit of heaviness, we are to PUT on the garment of praise. That means you have to actually do something, it won’t just happen. PUT IT ON.
We are good at wearing the right clothes for the right occasion , so make sure you’re wearing the right outfit, when heaviness hits.
Instead of focusing on your problems, focus on your God. Colossians 3 vs 2 says “Set your mind on things above, not on earthly things.” SET is quite a strong word.  SET like PUT are verbs, they are ‘doing words’ – which means, we have to do something!

Enter His gates with thanksgiving, shake off , push away and lay down that heaviness and embrace the peace, joy and victory God has prepared for you today.
Get rid of the wrong clothing, and replace it with the right outfit.

Pastor Gillian

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