Fresh Hope – 26th March 2019

One of the things I love to treat myself with is a popular brand of fizzy drink. I don’t have it often, but when I do, I want to experience it as the original creator intended it to taste, as that is what made it so popular. Unfortunately, the original recipe has had to be changed as some people loved it so much, they were having too much of it which caused them to start putting on weight.

The substitute looks like the original, and to most people, tastes like the real thing, but I’ve found the substitute for sugar leaves me with a bitter after-taste. The reason behind this, for me at least, is substituting sugar which took 18 months to cultivate, tend, harvest and process, with a chemical produced in seconds in a factory.

It’s easy to find substitutes for things in our lives that aren’t working out the way we had planned out, and we settle for whatever is the easier option.

Over the epic weekends, Pastor Andre Olivier spoke about the Will of God in our lives, how it is for us to win in life through creating solutions for problems, because when we win, God wins. This can only happen when we act; determined to see and receive God’s power, because just as God loved the Israelite army that was taunted by Goliath, it took David to act for God to work through him. In the same vein, Pastor Phil Pringle spoke about how God’s blessing falls on what He has gifted you to do, not the things you want to do.

What dreams for your life have been forgotten because of procrastinating about simply starting it, because the effort in the preparation was too cumbersome?

What jobs or businesses have you abandoned in the field because it was taking too long to grow or for you to get anything from it?

How many relationships have you neglected or broken because the effort to cultivate it was too taxing?

God wants the best for you. Dinner at His table is a slow cooked pot roast, not a microwave meal. A beautiful modern auditorium to worship in, and not a portable cabin.
Like the sugar cane that took a lot of effort to prepare the ground, plant it, water it, weed it, harvest it, press it, then dry it, you will experience different seasons where what will be required of you is going to change.

Don’t give up! Little by little, after you’ve done what you can do in each season, the full richness of His promises in your life will show up, fizzy and bubbling over, and there won’t be an after-taste.

Noble Mudenha

A daily devotion for a better way of living.