Fresh Hope – 28th March 2019

Just before Jesus was crucified he had a long conversation with his disciples (John 14-16) that he was leaving physically, but not spiritually. Although the disciples were a little confused and worried, Jesus assured them that this was better. Rather than God residing as one man, God could now reside in ALL men who believed – constantly and permanently. He would leave the Holy Spirit. What a gift to US. A permanent helper for us- God with us. These were the days that were once dreamed about by those before us. No longer do we need go to a temple and have an appointed high priest stand on our behalf and present out requests to God. Instead WE ARE the temple of the Holy Spirit.The power of God is residing within us!

The Greek word used to reference the Holy Spirit is Parakletos, which means ‘one who is called to one’s side especially to help’.

It is easy to think that the next brilliant book, encouraging friend, or powerful preach is the only source of comfort and help available to us as Christians. While these things can absolutely build us up and are vital, our growth and encouragement doesn’t depend solely on those things alone. In addition to these things, and above those things, we have the beautiful Holy Spirit which we can and need to partner with at any given moment.

Last night I partnered up with a friend and we did a workout at the gym together. There is a particular set of weights that I will only use when this friend is there with me. She stands by my side, tells me how to use it, watches me closely, and pushes me way further than I would on my own. She encourages me when I start flagging, and literally helps me carry the weight when it gets too much.

True to his name, the purpose of the Holy Spirit is to also come by your side, like a friend. He stands by your side and coaches you through. He challenges you, and strengthens you. He takes you way further than you could on your own. He literally helps you carry the weight, and encourages you when you need it. Do not underestimate the limitless, loving power of the Holy Spirit in your life.

Invite the Holy Spirit to work in you. Acknowledge His presence throughout the day. Welcome His friendship. Grow that friendship. Embrace his inner workings in you, because He will bring life and health like nothing else can!

Emma Burchell

A daily devotion for a better way of living.