Fresh Hope – 12th April 2019

I was so annoyed last week when our hugely expensive Easter advertising campaign was ground to a halt. The deadline had been set for the billboard to display the ‘YOU MATTER’ theme we had chosen to be shown for a good two weeks before Easter. We have been paying for the huge hoarding on the outskirts of our shopping mall for a couple of years now, knowing that it’s a great way of attracting people to think about Jesus and consider coming to church.

The frustration was that the advert that should have been posted last week was now running too late to make the impact that we wanted. Surely, the whole point of paying top whack for a huge advert is to get maximum coverage for the event you want to advertise?

No amount of apology from the company was going to remedy what was being lost every day that it was delayed…or was it? Apparently the delay was down to a health and safety issue at the shopping mall and was ‘beyond their control’. I was not happy, but decided to calm down and see what transpired. Our office asked the billboard sales team what they could do in order to reimburse us for the loss of paid advertising.

They came back with the following:

Free digital advertising on some of the largest LED screens on the local motorways

Free LED advertising inside the Showcase Cinemas.

As you can imagine, we didn’t have to think twice about their offer. Today as I write, we are being contacted by people that are seeing the Easter advertising slogan all over the place. Into the bargain, a few days after the advertising was due to go live, we received a call that our original billboard was now fully up and back on track!

This whole package would have been so far beyond our budget that we would never have been able to stretch that far. We have literally received thousands of pounds worth of advertising…for FREE.

Something not going to plan for you right now? By all means get annoyed, do what you can, but then get over it quickly and let God do what you can’t. He may well want to do something far beyond what you could have done yourself.

Romans 8:28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

Pastor Mark

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