Fresh Hope – 19th April 2019

I was moved to tears some time ago as I watched on TV the re-enactment of a true story titled ‘The Stranger On the Bridge’.

Viewers were captivated as they watched the story unfold of a young man that decided to take his own life by jumping from Waterloo bridge.

His life was only spared by a passing stranger that felt compelled to stop and talk him out of ending his life.

The ‘stranger’ was eventually found and reunited with the guy that he saved. He was thanked over and over again for literally giving him a second chance; a chance that he has never regretted.

Many years ago I found myself working at an establishment that had many staff of all ages and backgrounds. On one particular day I felt compelled to talk to one member of staff in their early twenties. I knew that I was to share the love of Jesus with them, but a battle was also raging inside of me as to why I was not the person to do such a thing. For the whole day I was so convicted time and time again about what I should do, but sadly I decided to walk away.

That night I couldn’t sleep for thinking about this person and made a pledge to God that I would talk to them at the soonest possible opportunity the very next day.

I went to work that morning not knowing how my approach would be taken, but after several enquiries as to the person’s whereabouts I was told that they would not be in work at all for the foreseeable future as they had attempted suicide after leaving work the night before.

I was totally stunned and filled with remorse as I realised that if only I would have spoken to them, things could have been so different.

That night, I visited them in hospital and told them the whole story. I felt so sorry for not going to their rescue when I had felt prompted by God to do so.

That day I said to God that I would do my very best to never question His voice again and when asked to do something, say something or go somewhere for Him, I would promptly obey knowing that I may be saving someone’s life.

All these years later I am committed more than ever to making the message of Jesus known to those I know and meet.

Today, I’m speaking to you on GOOD FRIDAY just as if you were the only person in the world right now.

You may be thinking that this is the end of the road for you. You may not be thinking about literally jumping from a bridge, but you just feel like there’s no point in going on.

As Jesus’ arms were nailed wide open on that cross 2000 years ago, He is still saying today I’m here to save you. If you’re going to jump anywhere, jump into His wide open arms.


If you were the only person in the world right now Jesus would have still given His life in order to save you.

Right now you can experience His love and forgiveness followed joy and peace that you have never known before.

Just like the passerby on the bridge, so Jesus is passing by right now and pleading with you to allow Him to help you off the ledge of your life.

Why not humble yourself right now and ask Him into your life? You can do that by praying the simplest of all prayers…

‘Jesus, please forgive me. I welcome you into my life. Thank you for dying on the cross for my sins. Thank you that you were raised again to life so that I too can receive a brand new life. I offer to you to my life right now. Please become my leader and Lord from this day forward’.

If you have just prayed that prayer, then you will already have begun to experience the peace of God flooding into your heart.

Why not now make a decision to be in Church on Easter Sunday at one of our three services?

9.30/11.30am and 5pm.

I can’t wait to welcome you!!

Happy Easter.

Pastor Mark

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