Fresh Hope – 24th April 2019

Have you every felt absolutely exhausted? Like you just can’t get enough sleep? I have!

In a day and age where ‘more, more, more’ is glorified and exhaustion is the norm, here are some things I am learning:

1. There is a difference between work, play and rest! All three are vital. Some of us know how to graft well, others know how to play well, and some of us rest all the time. The key is that we were made to do all three. We were made to work hard for God. There is a time to put in some real elbow grease. We are also made to have fun, make memories and enjoy life and the people in it! Rest is equally important and different to play. Rest is simply ‘to cease work or movement in order to recover strength’. We must have all three!

2. Rest well. We are expected to work well. We like to play well. But do we value and esteem rest? When we are resting, is it quality rest? Even after God worked on creation, ‘on the seventh day He rested from all His work’ (Genesis 2:2). If God himself rested, who are we to say we are beyond taking the time to rest?!

3. Boundaries are there to protect. When rest is made a priority, boundaries are in place. The purpose of boundaries are to keep safe what is within the boundaries. They are there to protect what is valuable. Your family, your marriage, your health – in order for these things to stay healthy, strong, and flourish, they need to be protected by the boundaries of rest. Put boundaries around your time, and energy.
Every season of your life is different. Carefully consider what your priorities are for the season you are in! Learn to distinguish when it is time to work hard, play well, and rest deeply.

Emma Burchell

A daily devotion for a better way of living.