Fresh Hope – 1st May 2019

We want God to do a working in our lives, but God is waiting for us to make the space.

In 2 Kings 4:1-7, we meet a widow desperate for a breakthrough. You see, she has nothing but a jar of oil and is in debt. Mosaic law required that if she didn’t pay her debts, then her sons could be taken from her. In desperation she sought advice from Elisha. Elisha gave her a word to collect jars from neighbouring people, shut the door, and pour out whatever oil she did have into the empty jars.

As she poured out, into the empty jars, the space of each jar was filled with oil that she could now sell to free herself from her debt.

Like oil poured into empty jars, in order for a space to be filled, there needs to be a space! You cannot fill what is already filled. Often we seek the oil, the gift, the breakthrough, the answer, but have we made the space? Making space may be clearing your heart of hang-ups, or your head of worries, or your time of hurry. As you do so, you give room for GOD to fill the space!

God loves an empty, desperate space for He can do far more with that than a space that is filled with pride, attitudes, fears, busyness, and self-righteousness.

Coming to God with an empty space is a position of humility. In the words of Bob Sorge, ‘Humility says, “Lord, I am empty without your fullness; I am broken without your wholeness; I am helpless without your strength; I am clueless without your wisdom. Apart from You I am nothing. I need you!”

Like the woman with the jars, come empty, and watch this space!

Emma Burchell

A daily devotion for a better way of living.