Fresh Hope – 7th May 2019

I’m sure you’re familiar with the names David and Goliath. Possibly, you’re even familiar with the story also.

In a nutshell, David defeats Goliath using a sling and a stone, despite being the obvious underdog.

Now to us, David was the underdog, being just a young boy squaring up against a near 10 foot giant of a man. But in David’s eyes, Goliath was the underdog in this fight.

What many wouldn’t realise is that David had spent hours upon hours practising with his shepherd’s sling. Was it simply a hobby? Something he did just to pass the time? Or was it something he needed in order to protect his flock?

Either way, I don’t think David ever anticipated that he would require this skill for such an occasion as this, but he was ready nonetheless.

As he approached the enemy, he simply saw him as another target that he had already hit countless times before.

It amazes me how David had spent so much time in preparation, despite not knowing what he was preparing for… and I wonder today what it is that is in your hand, that may seem mundane, and it may seem as though it has no relevance to your future, however you just never know what it is that you’re being prepared for.

I want to encourage you not to despise what currently sits right in front of you, but instead give it everything that you’ve got, as one who’s preparing for something great.

If you dig deeper into David’s life, you will discover that he was called upon by the King of his nation, his nation itself and by God. And the separate things that each one required of him were all things he ‘just so happened’ to have been working on throughout the course of his life.

David didn’t know when or if he would ever be called upon, but he made sure that he was ready if ever the time came.

I wonder, will the same be said of you?

Caleb Burchell

A daily devotion for a better way of living.