Fresh Hope – 11th May 2019

How many times do we pray “Lord, use me” then when an opportunity comes to be used, we dismiss it immediately, because it’s not in our comfort zone or maybe it doesn’t suit us?

Your life is like a set of tools, you don’t need the same tool for every job. Most men think a hammer will do for just about anything. There’s a right tool for each job.

Your life is like the surgeon’s instruments, not all get used in every operation, however, everyone of them has to be ready, clean and sharp whilst you are waiting.
If the operating instrument isn’t ready for the surgeon, it could cost time, which in turn could cost a life.What will the surgeon do? He will have to call for another one quickly, and I’m sure there are plenty ready and on standby.

If you want to be used by God, whether it’s in a small way or seemingly large, remember this: every one of those instruments that gets used is vital for the operation to be a success.
Remember God will only use you according to your purpose, He won’t ask one instrument to do the job of another.

I think we probably confuse God at times. “All to Jesus, I surrender” is what we sing, but don’t ask me to get involved with anything that doesn’t suit? NO. God will use you according to your God-given purpose and nothing else.

He has called us all to be ready.

He’s called us to be shiny and sharp, which is what we are responsible for ourselves.

Today, ask God to use you and ask Him like you really mean it.
And guess what, HE WILL.

Pastor Gillian

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