Fresh Hope – 3rd June 2019

One phrase that I’ve heard quoted a lot from my youth goes “you can run faster and further looking ahead than looking behind you”. This was a firm favourite of one of the school’s athletics coaches who used to say when you are in front in a 100m sprint, if you decide to look behind you to see how far the competition is, by the time you look ahead again, they will be in front of you.

Sometimes as Christians, we are guilty of looking back rather than pressing ahead towards the goal that is in front of us. Our prayers are focused on trying to get away from the past or getting answers about our current situation, rather than praying about and envisioning the future we want to create.

We pray “Jesus, why is my life like this?”, or “Jesus, why did you allow this terrible thing happen to me?” To put it simply, we are praying backdated prayers, and worse still, getting frustrated when the situation doesn’t seem to change.

In Genesis 1, we are told the story of creation. God had been moving in the dark and declared “Let there be light”. That decisive moment when God spoke gave way to transformation and nothing was ever the same again. When you make a decision to break from the past, and declare the future you want to see, things start to move differently in your life.
It may take time for a ship to change course because the rudder has changed its angle, likewise, changing the angle of your prayer from questioning why is, to praying let there be. That small act of faith on your part will change the course of your life. Proverbs 18 vs 21 says we have power in our words to create, or to destroy life – literally life and death, and because we are created in the image of God, we have the power to create the future we want to see by changing our prayers.

Make a decision not to be overtaken or overwhelmed by your past because you keep looking back at it. Change your prayer from “Jesus, why is my life…” instead to “Jesus, let my life be…”, and watch as your life starts to move in alignment with the plans that God has for your life.

Noble Mudenha

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