Fresh Hope – 15th June 2019

I’m sure you have all heard the phrase ‘in the meantime’…

It means between one thing and another, when one season has finished and another is yet to begin, a time of waiting.
Often ‘the meantime’ can actually be a MEAN TIME!  But it doesn’t need to be.
In the Old Testament we read how Abraham was childless, he had received a promise from God that he would be the father of many and yet here he was, waiting for that promise to be fulfilled…that’s a meantime.
We all go through them.
One friendship finishes, another is yet to begin.
One job finishes and we’re waiting for another.
Maybe we are in financial need, we have brought our tithes and our offerings and we are still waiting for the blessing. We have sown the seeds, but are still waiting for the harvest… that’s a meantime.
Here’s a few things we should beware of in the meantime
  1. We get a lack of decision – we cannot decide
  2. We suffer from procrastination – we keep putting things off
  3. We compromise – we go with the flow instead of waiting
  4. We settle for a quick fix – a quick answer instead of the real thing  (like Abraham, who couldn’t wait for the promise of God, so he tried to fix it himself and got into a mess)
  5. We get involved in wrong things – we try to find fulfilment in lots of different areas. 
  6. We get anxious about our waiting and we start to worry, which can then lead to fear, if we’re not careful. 
Here’s what the meantime should look like…. make sure that during your meantime you do the following…
  1. Stay focused
  2. Shut out all the negatives 
  3. Know that He has a purpose for you
  4. Keep trusting 
  5. Keep your channels open by praying and reading God’s word – that way you will be open to His encouragement 
  6. Learn quickly – the quicker you do, the sooner your meantime will end and you will be on to the next season of your life. 

Use the meantime wisely. 

Let God use it as a time to teach you and for you to grow.

Maybe, you are having a ‘meantime’ because you are not quite ready for the next phase or maybe God wants to bring something out of you and work something through you. 

Don’t despise the meantime. Learn and grow, have a great attitude. God will move you to that next season as soon as you are ready.

Pastor Gillian
A daily devotion for a better way of living.