Fresh Hope – 22nd June 2019

I believe that we all want to succeed in life, we all want to progress and be prosperous . We all should have a desire to go for greater, to reach higher and to live blessed.

As a Christian, here are six things that I strive to include in my daily life. Six simple steps that will help me not plateau, but in fact go to a higher level in my walk with God and in my life.

How are you doing with this checklist?

Prayer… you can’t have a relationship without communication. If you want to know God and all that He has for you, then you have to communicate with Him.

What you do in private will be evident in public

Reading our bible… this is key to knowing Jesus, His will for our life, daily wisdom and how to follow Him.

The right people Life is like a mountain. What you do, what you can achieve yourself, will take you half way.

Who you have with you will take you to the top and help keep you there. People are important. The right people in your life are crucial. Those who believe in you, want the best for you, those who inspire and encourage you and those who can help you be a winner.

The right attitude. It’s not about my circumstances. It’s about my attitude to those circumstances.

Attitude determines altitude every time.

Generosity. Giving will result in receiving, as sowing results in reaping. You need provision to keep moving forward. You won’t see good provision without being a generous person.

Thanksgiving. What if I only woke up today with the things I gave thanks for yesterday??!!

Ask yourself that again. It’s quite sobering. Be a thankful person. Be grateful in every season. Be thankful each moment of each day.

Gratitude determines altitude!

Pastor Gillian


A daily devotion for a better way of living.