Fresh Hope – 27th June 2019

A screaming baby doesn’t know what it wants or needs, it just screams. Fortunately a mother or father is sure to be close by ready to tend to their infant’s needs. As the child develops into adulthood, the child grows in responsibility, becoming more self-aware, finally being able to recoginse what it needs for themselves and then tending to those needs accordingly. If we saw a screaming adult, in hysterics, crying out for food, then another adult spoon-feeding them, we would all be very concerned! An adult should recognise that they are hungry for themselves, source some food for themselves, and be able to feed themselves. This is evidence of maturity!

It’s the same process in our spiritual lives. As we mature in our faith and grow in our relationship with God, we should grow in our self-awareness – the ability to understand and tend to the needs of our soul health (Mind, heart and emotions). An immature Christian needs constant spoon-feeding, constant instruction, and others to tend to their every soul need, unable to recognise what is going on for themselves.

I am not discouraging the need for help from community, rather, encouraging us to grow in responsibility in sourcing for ourselves what our soul needs.

When you need direction, source it from God. When you feel hungry, feed yourself on the word of God. When you feel drained around certain people, find healthy community. When you feel emotionally burnt out, give yourself the strength you need by drawing from God. When you feel bitter, recognise the unforgiveness in your heart and deal with it. When you feel insecure, feed your mind on truth. When you feel overwhelmed, position yourself in prayer and worship.

Recognise what your spirit needs and tend to it! This is spiritual self-awareness and evidence of maturity!

Don’t just scream for attention from others. Don’t just cry and complain. Don’t wait for a leader or pastor to solve your problems. Develop the strength and maturity to give yourself, by God, what it is that your soul really needs!

1 Timothy 4:16 says, ‘keep a close eye on yourself’.

Emma Burchell

A daily devotion for a better way of living.