Fresh Hope – 1st July 2019

Sometimes we can be scared by things and it stops us going deeper in our relationships. Sometimes we are scarred by things and that stops us going deeper also.
Some of us are satisfied where we are, in the shallow end of life and are frightened to venture into the deep end.
When you go on holiday, or to a public swimming  pool, the shallow end will be full of people having fun, because it’s safe.
It’s the place where we want our children to be, but adults are meant to go a little deeper.
I find it quite amusing to see some adults actually sitting in the paddling pool and probably using their toddler as an excuse and yet they are probably there because they feel safest.

God has so much more for us.
Notice that you don’t see lots of people in the deep end, only the brave.
You don’t see lots of people at the top of a mountain either.
Deeper and higher is where God calls us to be. Deeper in our relationship with Him.  The deeper your devotion, the deeper your relationship and the deeper your relationship with God, the higher you will climb.
Don’t be scared to get out of the comfortable and risk a little more.
Don’t just stay with what’s familiar and what doesn’t challenge you.
You’ll never experience anything new, if you don’t try.

A deep sea diver will see things that you or me will never see. Why? because they decided to go deeper.

The deeper an excavator is willing to go, the more diamonds he is likely to find.

The higher the mountain climb, the greater and more breathtaking the view.

Decide today… I want to go deeper with God.
Remember this: Private devotion equals public promotion.

Pastor Gillian

A daily devotion for a better way of living.