Fresh Hope – 5th July 2019

Let’s talk labels.

Everyone wants to stick one on you at some stage during your lifetime.

Here’s the problem…


1) They stick very easily.

2) They don’t readily come off.

3)When they do come off, they leave their mark.

When we moved house several years ago, we found the best way of transporting all our stuff was to put a sticker on each box that corresponded to the room that the items came from. Once the box arrived at its new destination, it was just a matter of reading the label and placing the box in the correct room – job  done!

However, when we re-used the boxes to store different stuff in at a later date, the labels no longer corresponded to what was inside.

In much the same way, have you ever noticed how people readily want to label you from your past, but when you change, they still want to keep the old label stuck on you?

Jesus had the very same problem.

His family and friends who had watched him grow up had only ever known him as Mary and Joseph’s lad, but when He revealed himself as the miracle working son of God, they found it difficult to get the old label off.

The old label meant that they couldn’t come to terms with who He really was – God in flesh. The label became a major blockage to their faith and resulted in them being unable to fully accept Him and certainly restricted His miracle working power in their own lives.


TODAY, you are where you are, either because you have survived the labels or because you are still living with old ones. It’s now time to rip it off and take charge of who you have become.

If someone refuses to give you a new label, then simply refuse to stay where they want to keep you.

We all up have the right and the opportunity to change and be changed by the power of Jesus.

2 Corinthians 5:17 NIV

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, they are a new creation: The old has gone, the new is here!

Pastor Mark

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