Fresh Hope – 13th July 2019

Life really is a journey. Every day is an opportunity to learn something to make us bigger, better, more successful, more productive, more fruitful and more satisfied.
Unfortunately, some of us don’t experience that, instead we get frustrated, feel fed up, feelings of “here we go again, I’m useless, I’ll never make it.”

People keep repeating stuff, why? Because they don’t learn from experience or they’ve learnt wrongly.

Have you ever felt like you’ve known a song for years, known the lyrics etc, only to find out at a later date, that the correct words are nothing like the ones you’ve been singing for years? That’s happened to me! I was gobsmacked! I was convinced those words were what I thought them to be. I had learnt something, but learnt it incorrectly.

You can tell your child for years that 5×5 is 55, they can learn it, but it doesn’t make it right.

So we all can go through life thinking that we have learnt something… and we have, only we learnt it wrong.

Experience doesn’t always teach us great things. It can, and it has the opportunity to do so, as long as we make a conscious effort to learn well.

I’m in my 50s, I still can’t roller skate or Ice skate or Ski. Why? Because I have never learnt to. What you don’t learn, you’ll never know.
I can’t play the piano, even though I grew up with one. I can read music, I can play with one finger, but that’s about it.
You may have grown up with a great leader, a great teacher, a great musician or a great cook, but it doesn’t mean you can do it, you have to learn for yourself.
Who you choose to spend quality time with, will help determine your journey.
It will either help you or hinder you.

The Bible is full of great principles for us to learn and great truths for us to know. When you know God’s truth and when you apply it to your life, you really will start to learn and grow. When you go through experiences in life whether good or bad, ask God to help you learn from them. That’s when you will become the person that God designed for you to be.

Pastor Gillian

A daily devotion for a better way of living.