Fresh Hope – 9th August 2019

‘Peter, do you love me?’ was a question that Jesus asked one of His closest friends, after this same friend had denied his association with Jesus three times. (It’s still up for debate as to whether He asked him the same way Drake asked Kiki…)


Not long after Peter denied all knowledge of being a friend of His, Jesus would be crucified on a cross. He would then rise after three days and make several appearances to His disciples in the time that would follow.


On His third appearance to the disciples would Jesus ask Peter this question.


Now it would be fair to assume that Jesus was questioning Peter’s loyalty based upon what He asked him. Or maybe Jesus was unsure about the answer, so He needed clarification. However, I want to suggest to you that it was none of the above.


In response to Jesus asking this question a third time, Peter responded by saying, “Lord, you know all things; you know that I love you…”


In other words, ‘You aren’t asking me this because You’re unsure…’

Which would lead us to conclude that it was in fact Peter who needed reminding, not the other way around.


‘Peter, you do love me’ was the message that Jesus was wanting to communicate to His friend that day. ‘I know you messed up, I know you made a wrong choice, and I know you feel like a fraud. But what we have, Peter, is real. You’re not a fake, you do love me.’


And in the same way that Peter needed reminding, maybe you also need reminding today, that despite what you’ve done, despite the wrong choices you’ve made, the love in your heart is still real, and better still, the love in God’s heart towards you is still so real!


Here and now, the doubting and the questioning can be put to rest, and you can know for certain, ‘God loves me.’ And for those of us who thought we once loved Him but maybe convinced ourselves otherwise, we can be reminded also, ‘I love Him too.’



Caleb Burchell


A daily devotion for a better way of living.


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