Fresh Hope – 12th August 2019

The other day I locked myself out of the house. I was on my way to pick up a friend from the train station and just as I slammed the door shut, I realised the key was inside the house! I remembered that I left my windows open, but I live on the third storey of an apartment block! I spoke to a trusted neighbour on the bottom floor for an idea. Long story short, she ended up sending her son up two storeys to my apartment window, by scaling the wall, where he then climbed in through the window and rescued the keys!

Maybe we all we need access to something in our lives. Sometimes all we need is just one single, small key. Behind the keyhole lies a palace, a mansion, but to get the breakthrough, we need that simple key to gain access.

Maybe it is access to the heart of family member. Maybe it is access to a conversation with a work-colleague about God. Maybe it is access to a promise God has made. Maybe you need access to healing, provision or wisdom… and you are only one key away.

God has already promised us that we have everything (Ephesians 1:3), but accessing it is something we have to learn.

When I look at Jesus he always found the key to access. He found the key to a miracle, or a conversation, or to someone’s heart. The key to open the eyes of the blind man was to spit in mud. The key to calming the storm was his spoken word. The key to his disciples hearts was washing their feet. The key to transformingthe woman at the well was discerning and offering her what she really needed. I could go on and on. The only thing each of these keys had in common, is that there was nothing in common! Jesus had no consistent key. He used a different key in each situation!

The same is for us today. Jesus has doors for us to open personally, relationally, spiritually, financially. But it isn’t always a one key fits all situation. It requires walking with God and tuning into His voice, and asking Him what the breakthrough key is in your personal situation. Maybe your access into breakthrough, conversation with someone, and influence over someone is just one small key away. Ask God for wisdom on what key to use. Be open to the fact that access to the house might be different to what you expect. Maybe God will ask you to use the window, not the door!

Emma Burchell

A daily devotion for a better way of living.