Fresh Hope – 17th August 2019

I’ve been reading through the Old Testament (Bible in one year). When you read it this way, you have to read the hard bits as well as the ‘nice’ bits. There are so many favourite passages of mine in the OT, that I find myself going to them regularly. They are a wealth of truth. Like the book of Ruth and Esther, like the accounts of the prophets Elijah and Elisha, the stories of Joseph and Abraham, the leadership lessons from Moses…I have preached on these many times.

However, what I have found fascinating in this season, is the accounts of the many (seemingly hundreds) of kings that are recorded. David who was a great King after God’s own heart, yet he himself failed at one point. Hezekiah, a king who did what was right in the eyes of God and Solomon who when he could have asked for anything, asked for wisdom to lead the people and in return God blessed him mightily. “because you have asked for this, I will bless you more than you can imagine “ – see 1 Kings 3 v 11-14.
Some of the kings recorded, I’ve never really heard of, yet an underlying and exciting truth runs through them all. Some of them worshipped foreign gods and led wicked lives. Others pulled down those altars to foreign gods and led the people to worship the one and only true God. Those who did the latter were tremendously blessed. God was on their side and they won many victories. Those who didn’t, were taken out and God had the last say!

We may not be living in OT times, but the truth remains firmly the same. When you honour God, when you stand for what is right, God will surely bless you. When you don’t, mark my words, God will always have the last say.
On my journey through the OT, you would have heard me physically shouting out “yes” at times when I read such exciting truths of people who stood for God getting blessed and winning exceptional victories.

God’s word is rich.
It will bless your soul.
Make sure you take time to read it every day.

Pastor Gillian

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